First off—What Is Perv Therapy?

When we feel like we need some guidance, the best thing to do is seek professional help—luckily, there is PervTherapy! That’s right! A dedicated “perv therapist” helps people work out their troubles by getting to the root of the problem. When step-siblings get caught kissing and aren’t sure what to do about it? Perv Therapy is there to help! When a college girl isn’t sure how to meet guys, her Perverted Therapist helps her learn how.

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We are beyond proud of what we’ve managed to put together with this taboo psychologist porn site. If you think we’re biased because it’s our series, take it from current members instead. Fans are calling this “great new series” a “home run” and “very erotic.” Not to be boastful, but yeah, we fucking nailed it and couldn’t be more stoked. If you’re looking for a brand new porn experience, you’ve come to the right place.

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How do we narrow this down? Well, first off, we have a talent for bringing together the hottest and best talent to the screen. You won’t want to miss this star-filled cast sucking and fucking on screen in what’s being considered one of the best new porn series on the internet.

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Like we mentioned, Perv Therapy is filled with all sorts of fantasies. Sometimes, the film focuses on stepsons who can’t stop imagining what it would be like to bang their stepmom. Then, there’s the stepdaughter who doesn’t get enough of her stepdad’s attention. But luckily for them, a perv therapist is there to help.

Perv Therapy isn’t just limited to step-fantasy. We cover scenarios where young perky college students don’t know how to talk to boys. But using the latest studies in the field, their perv therapist gets them in a great position.

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Perv Therapy is quickly becoming the hottest and most well-received porn series on the internet. It’s literally a one-of-a-kind series featuring some of the hottest, most taboo, and perverted therapist sex you’ll ever witness in your life. With some of the most creative and cutting-edge taboo scenarios ever, this premium porn site beats everything out there. Explore your deepest fantasies, and maybe even fantasies you didn’t know were there—we’ve got it all covered.

We mentioned the hottest models before, but what horny babes do we feature? We’re glad you asked! We've covered quite a few of them, including Haley Spades, Penny Barber, Scarlet Skies, Tristan Summers, Jay Romero, and many more.

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Top notch concept and performances!
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I've seen this clip now from the beginning to the end, and it's the best porn clip I have ever seen, and I've seen a lot! ;-)
Best acting I've ever seen in a Porn movie. Good Job!
I love this so much! The whole concept is so sexy, and the two girls are amazing! This is the kind of unique stuff that will really separate this site from others.
Everything about this scene was spectacular….
Penny nailed her role, and the male talent was great and did not detract from the scene….

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