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How To Help a Perv

Penny Barber and Jewell Marceau

An Exclusive Perv Therapy Jewell Marceau Scene

Jewell has issues with her stepson, Anthony. He’s a total perv and can’t control his cock - he’s looking to fuck 24/7, and it’s become an issue. Luckily, perv therapist Penny Barber is there to help. Penny is the best in the business, and her unorthodox tactics have been helping perverted stepfamilies conquer their issues for years. Jewell explains her concerns about Anthony’s behavior. Penny sees a different side of things. Penny’s guess is that Jewell and Anthony may need a little stepfamily playtime. After all, maybe Jewell is jealous, and she wishes it were her getting the dick down from her stepson. Jewell had never thought about it before, but having Anthony deep inside of her, pleasing her pussy, and making her squeal did sound like a good time, even if it was completely fucked up and taboo. Penny puts the stepmom and her stepson right to work. It’s a wild sensation, but Jewell loves having Anthony’s cock in her mouth. It’s a weird blowjob, but easily one of the best Anthony’s ever had - it being forbidden adds to the thrill. Penny joins in on the fun, making for an incredible and heart-pounding threesome. Anthony has his work for him to keep up and please both milfs, but he puts his best foot forward. Anthony cums hard on his stepmom’s tits, shooting rope after rope of jizz onto her.

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